Sinkhole Swallows a Woman and her Car in Rockville on Long Island – February 2014 (VIDEO)


A woman’s car was swallowed up by a huge sinkhole right in her own driveway in Rockville Centre.

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Sinkhole swallows car in Rockville Long Island – February 2014. Photo: ABC News

Yeah, it must be a hell of an experience to fall be swallowed by a hole forming just on your driveway. But these kinds of weird phenomena have started to be reported worldwide. And this is what happened to a woman living in Long Island, today! Just after pulling into the spot where she’s parked every day for years, a  woman from Rockville found herself and her car suddenly underground after the earth swallowed her Subaru.

The woman driving the car explains:

It’s really hard to describe, it’s just all of sudden swish, and stop. I pulled in I’m looking at the arbor, and then I’m looking at the dirt. The car just went down with no sound, no booms, no rattles no nothing.

According to autorities, the sinkhole opened up because of the decay of a century-old cesspool under the driveway.

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