Terrifying Sinkhole Swallows Car in the UK – February 3 2014


But where did I put my car? I thought it was in front of the house! A huge sinkhole (30ft deep and about 15ft across) swallowed a car just in front of a house in the Buckinghamshire village of Walter’s Ash.

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sinkhole swallows car in Buckinghamshire Walter’s Ash February 2014. Photo: Daily Mail

The gaping pit (left and in front of a house, right) swallowed the Volkswagen Lupo after opening suddenly in the middle of the night, in the Buckinghamshire village of Walter’s Ash. The car was just identifiable through its muddy covering, lying at the bottom of the pit.

The sinkhole was most probably created by the wet weather in December and January. The ground underneath was once chalk pits and has since been filled in.

More pictures here.

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