Three Unexpected Animal News Stories That Are Actually Terrifying (Video) – February 2014


Nature is awesome and unexpected! Sometimes dangerous beasts get lost and terrify entire cities, other crash onto your windscreen while driving or are just about to kill you because you were inattentive. Discover in this post three recent animal news stories that will probably freak you out!

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leopard attack in India – February 2014

1. A girl gets slapped in the face by a whale’s tail

Sometimes in life you need a wake up call! During a whale watching tour on the Baja last weekend (February 22-23 2014) a young girl, Chelsea, got smacked in the head by a whale’s tail. Luckily, she was not injured. But OMG!

2. A huge bird crashes through a plane windscreen

Normally, it happens on the road, while driving… Multiple bugs crash onto your windscreen! This is actually peanuts when compared to this video featuring the amazing moment a large bird smashing through a plane windscreen at 170 mph. Luckily, the pilot was able to land safely! What an experience!

3. A wild leopard terrifies a town in India

Police are hunting a leopard which walked into a hospital ward in Meerut in India, and caused panic among staff and patients. The leopard was first spotted emerging from a lavatory in a timber merchant’s warehouse on Sunday morning. Two people at the site were reported to have been attacked by the leopard after one of them lifted a plank under which it had been hiding.

Did you witness other strange animal news? Please add them in the comments

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