Unexplained and Freaky US Strange Sounds Video Compilation – February 2014


“Strange Sounds in the sky” is an undefined noise phenomenon that has been reported around the world. Videos of these sounds of apocalypse are floading Youtube (and summarized on this map!), and it is sometimes hard to separate real records from hoaxes.

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Strange sounds: The Seven Trumpets, the Seventh Seal of the Book of Apocalypse. Picture: see photo

To me, Enigma Seeker is one of the few out there who’s able to identify a real unidentified sounds from a trumpet fake. In his last compilation (for the second part of February 2014), he picked up and chose five strange, rumbling and humming sounds’ videos, that were recorded across the USA.

And my guess is that they are real! I’m happy not to live in such a noisy area! What about you? Do you hear the hum?

Enigma Seeker writes:

There seems to be an increase of the Roaring Noise Phenomenon for Feb 2014, at least 5 trustworthy videos posted, normally the sound is very rare only happening twice or so a month. Most of the time it’s at night but when it increases, it starts happening in the morning. Back in 2011, same month, the Mystery Booms started to increase. My current theory is, it’s possible some of these noises are caused by UFOs, Let us know if you heard a USN!

Google account from Enigma Seeker

Booms are not created by UFOs. But what about the strange sounds in the sky? Let me know in the comments!

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