Three Hidden Dangers Revealed by the UK Stroms 2014: Sinkhole, Bombs and Anti-tanks Defences


UK’s extreme storms have revealed surreal things such as this ancient forest on a beach in Mid Wales. In addition, they have unearthed other dangerous objects along Britain’s coast. Discover three of these hidden hazards

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bombs found on UK beach

One of the latest hazards unearthed by the coastal erosion along Britain’s coasts are bombs! Yes, unexplosed WWII’s bombs! And authorities fear that Thames’s flooding will also lead to such discoveries. Moreover, Second World War anti-tank defences, built to protect Britain from Hitler’s Panzer division, emerged from below the sand on Rest Bay in Porthcrawl, South Wales. The metal structures were built using a mixture of heavy chains and disused railway track. But this is not everything! A sinkhole formed on Paignton Beach, which turns out to be a ‘new’ natural freshwater outlet from a stream which runs underground via Victoria Park and discharges itself into the sea close to the pier.

Up to now, a 100lb Mk XIX Second World War British anti-submarine mine was found by surfers at Watwick Bay, Haverfordwest, while a rare First World War German mine surfaced on a beach near the popular Cornish resort of Newquay. Moreover, two mortar shells were found in Poole Harbour, and mortars have emerged on the shore at Mountbatten Point, Plymouth, and Crow Point, North Devon.

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