Mountain Lion, Coyote or Dog? A Mystery Predator Terrorizes Winchester, Massachusetts


What is this wild and mysterious creature being observed twice in Winchester, a small town 20 miles away from Boston?

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This paw print is thought to be that of a mountain lion in Winchester. Photo: Winchester police department

On February 27, 2014, a mountain lion was sighted in Winchester, Massachusetts.  About 10 days later, what is thought to be another ‘mountain lion’ reappeared in town. This is pretty amazing since the last confirmed mountain lion was shot in 1858 in Massachusetts and they are thought to be extinct in New England.

So what is this mysterious creature living in Winchester?

After prints analysis, wildlife experts are divided. Some confirm a mountain lion:

Experts from those organizations have conclusively stated that the paw print belongs to a mountain lion.

and other argue the prints were made by a dog or a coyote.

So, people are creeped out and want to know what’s behind this mystery!

So what do you believe this is? A mountain lion? A coyote? or simply a large dog?

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  1. Did anyone catch the PBS show on the “coy-wolf”? Despite driving off the eastern wolf a couple hundred years ago into Canada, the coyote has filled the void. Now the unthinkable – and it’s our fault – the wolves have successfully been mating with the coyotes to the south in the U.S….Mother Nature finds a way. Now we have (essentially created)a new species of canine that appears to be bigger, faster and smarter than either were before. Maybe some have funny paws…or…
    It is a Puma. We’ve got one here in L.A. Not so crazy for you Boston! Ours (known as P-22) crossed 2 major 8-10 lane freeways to get over to this end of the Santa Monica Mountains.

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