Is Yellowstone Supervolcano About to Erupt? 4.8 Magnitude Quake Rattles YellowStone National Park – March 30 2014


After Los Angeles, two days ago, the Yellowstone National park was rattled by a 4.8 magnitude quake. It occurred at 12:34 UTC (6:34 local time) on Mar 30, 2014, 37 kilometers northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana. This is the largest quake measured in the park since 1985.

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A boulder on one of the road of Yellowstone National Park after 4.8 quake on March 30 2014. From Facebook follower Wolf Spirit

Were these animals trying to tell us something ten days ago?

This large quake was followed by two smaller tremors of 3.1 Mag to 3.3 Mag. Although it is not believed this quake will result in volcanic activity… The Yellowstone National park is North America’s largest volcanic field and home of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. And this is mad!

Moreover, this region of the US is rattled by 1 to 20 earthquakes every day. They are however always below 3 Mag.

So what’s happening there? Pretty mysterious, no?

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