Mysterious blood-red water Phenomenon: But why did the water of my pond turned to blood in Wichita, Kansas?


This is pretty weird, isn’t it?

A pond turned blood red in Wichita, Kansas, on February 18 2014.

Posting his photo on Facebook, the owner, Freddy Fernandez, just wanted to get a rational explanation for the still mysterious red blood phenomenon that took place in his pond.

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Blood red pond in Wichita Kansas. Photo: Freddy Fernandez

But within hours the photo had been shared thousands of times, and the explanations for this weird sighting began to fly:

  • The water was poisoned by the government as part of a FEMA-based plan to kill everyone in the Midwest.
  • The pond water was contaminated by chemicals rained out from “chemtrails.”
  • The blood-red color is a new life form, a highly pathogenic bacteria that was seeded there by bioterrorists.
  • Because it’s “water turned to blood,” this is a sign of the ascendancy of the Evil One, and we should all be on the lookout for the Antichrist.
  • These things happen at the time of the End when Jesus Returns. Prepare for the coming of the Lord Jesus by repenting of all sin and recieving Jesus as Lord and Savior. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. God Bless you.

Of course, the more likely explanation is that we’re looking at some sort of algal bloom, similar to what happens during a marine “red tide.”

So how do you think the water turned blood red? Enigmatic…

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  1. I have to wonder, why so many brutal storms, all at once in the Midwest area? Along with things like this? I saw something about the government wanting to urbanize America a while back, having everyone move to a city so that government would have free reign of countrysides. I have to wonder if this was connected in any way but it could just be an overactive imagination, maybe… :/

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