Two Bear Cubs Killed at Bern Zoo: First by Father, Second by Zoo Employee


You would think that “so-called” bear experts would know what they are doing.

Last January, two bear cubs were born in Dählhölzli zoo in Bern. The first cub in the photo below was killed by its father, Misha, on April 2, 2014 by tossing it in the air. Look at the cute baby bear! Aww!

bear cub killed in Bern zoo, bear cub killed by father and zoo in Bern, Bern zoo kills bear cub, bear cup killed by zoo in Bern, "Bear number three," the small bear cub at right, was killed by its father on April 2, 2014 (Tierpark Daehlhoelzli/Rando)
“Bear number three,” the cute little bear cub, was killed by its father on April 2, 2014 (Tierpark Daehlhoelzli)

More revolting: Because of the aggressive behavior of father Misha towards his offspring, the zoo decided to kill the second bear. According to, it died in its nest. They put the second cub to sleep, because the mother was ignoring it, and the father was bound to kill it. Both parents were once orphans and were given to Bern by Russian President Dmitri Medvedev in 2009. Bear shouldn’t live in captivity!

I’m sorry but this has been handled extremely badly. They should have seperated mother and cubs right at the start. Iirc bears don’t live in family groups of mother, father and cubs. The father is usually a wanderer the mother meets up with. How they could say that they were keeping them in a more natural setting is ridiculous. They’ve learned their lesson now, but unfortunately it’s the poor little ones who’ve paid the price for their mistake.

And did you know, Bern’s ensign is actually a bear!

Bern flag GIF, bern flagge, bern flagge photo, bern flagge gif, bern flag, bern ensign, bern flag gif, bern ensign gif,
Bern flag GIF

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