Huge meteor explosion and sonic booms over Oshawa, Peterborough and Toronto area in Canada

Loud booms after a meteor or fireball explodes over Ontario on May 4, 2014


Here are a few tweets the first picture and two dashcam videos of the meteor explosion accompanied by loud booms which occurred over the Toronto Great Area on May 4, 2014 at around 4.20PM.

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First picture of the meteor explosion in the sky over Toronto on May 4 2014. Photo: iVeronica

The following picture was shot by Veronica and posted on her Twitter account just now! It shows the meteor (or what’s left from it) contrail seen over the Great Toronto Area (GTA) and Durham! The picture was shot from Whitby!

Here dashcam videos of this meteor explosion:

It must have been really loud out there!

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Here are some tweets about his amazing sky (or space) phenomenon:

@trollwagTim Rollwagen    @trollwag 
Meteor seen whizzing through the sky in #toronto, streaking light along the 401, & sonic booms heard over @Ptbo_Canada. #Meteor2014 @CBCNews
13 minutes ago

@RocketCavemanRocket Caveman    @RocketCaveman 
Unconfirmed as of yet, the loud boom was a #meteor. Heard and felt in #oshawa #peterborough and #port hope. People saw a fireball in the sky
13 minutes ago

@pwaigeyPaige Einboden    @pwaigey 
“Unconfirmed reports it was a #meteor that crashed to ground. Spotted near Oshawa/Toronto.” // yep! Saw it!
14 minutes ago

@aj4270Aj Mc    @aj4270 
@PboroExaminer meteor spotted in Toronto
18 minutes ago

@suzkoertsuzmagooz    @suzkoert 
Totally just saw a metro or comet shoot across the sky and then explode  #meteor
20 minutes ago

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  1. I live in Oshawa and was outside with the dog at about 4:20pm….all of a sudden there was a large explosion in the sky!!! Then it started falling to the ground….after that there was a large boom…..I called my friend out of the house but he just saw the smoke trail from it!! Wow…was amazing to see!! I have never seen anything like this before!!

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