This 12-feet alligator sunbathed on Folly beach before being shot without notice

Beachgoers on Folly Beach, SC, were shocked twice in one afternoon on Wednesday, May 14, 2014


FOLLY BEACH, South Carolina, May 14, 2015 –  The first shock was seeing a 12-foot alligator sunbathing on the shore. Look at this beast… I would have run away.

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Monster alligator on FOLLY BEACH in South Carolina on May 14 2015. Photo: Jay Spears

The second shock was when witnesses say the gator was shot to death right in front of them. A witness took a photo before the animal was killed (above). According to him, there was no warning of the gunfire, and the crowd was just asked to stand back. But the Department of Natural Resources answered, killing the 12-feet gator was the only way to protect human safety… You bet! – WCSC

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  1. What utter CRAP! In Florida at least they try to capture and relocate as many alligators as they can. I keep reading about S.C. and Folly Beach just killing them. And discharging a weapon without notice, just “stand back”. Right, that is safe. Guess that is why they call it “folly” beach. Quite a bit of folly. Good ol’ South Carolina. You can, actually, safely remove an alligator if you know what you are doing and have experience. I am gathering from this report the “Department of Natural Resources” didn’t have either. Yea, you can keep your beach and your animal murdering ways. Signed, A Very Concerned Conservationist.

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