WTF Video: There Was A Huge Moth Hanging Out On A Sliding Glass Door Until… WOW!

Slurp! A juicy butterfly!


This is the amazing moment a big moth landed on the glass door. A woman inside the living room, amazed by the size of this insect, grabs her mobile phone and starts recording. Then, it will blow your mind!

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Tree frog climbs a window. Photo:

And this is the wild and surprising moment a frog decides to jump on the window, snaps and eats the butterfly. The result of this incredible event is a strange animal, a kind of frog with wings 🙂 … The food chain in all its splendor!

I really thought at first I would see a frog flying for the first time in my life! And I did not even know that a frog can climb glass! So cool!

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