Lightning Strikes 7 Firefighters Battling Fire In Vermont – July 2014

But nobody was critically injured! Good luck!


You probably know! thunderstorms season has started in the USA with two impressive lightning storms in Chicago and New York City.

Well on its way, one of these stopped over Guilford, Vermont and struck seven firefighters at a single location! Incredible!

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Lichtenberg figures can occur on people that are struck by lightning. Do you think they also got theses marks on theri bodies? Photo: Domart and Garet, NEJM

Seven firefighters had one of the most terrifying experience of their lives. They were injured by lightnings while working on a house on fire in Guilford, Vermon on July 2 2014.

According to the Guilford Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page, firefighters from three different localities (Guilford, Vt, Chesterfield, N.H., and Bernardston, Mass.) were battling a fire (also probably caused by a lightning), when at 4 p.m., seven were affected by lightning strikes “in close proximity.” None of the injuries were serious (only two firefighters had to be treated).

I am wondering if their bodies was covered by these amazing Lichtenberg figures… These are ‘natural tattoos’ that can appear on human bodies when struck by lightning! 

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