Mysterious Giant Jellyfish Spotted In The Adriatic Since WWII


This mysterious giant jellyfish had not been seen in the Adriatic since Second World War.

This sea monster can grow to more than three feet in diameter and is one of the rarest jellyfish to occur in the Mediterranean.

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This mysterious giant jellyfish was photographed off the Italian coast by amateur divers. It the first specimen seen in 70 years in the Adriatic. Photo: Gigi Paderni/ ANSA

This bizarre but beautiful fuchsia-pink creature has been spotted in the Adriatic Sea for the first time in 70 years.

It has been photographed by amateur divers off the northern coast of Italy. This rare jellyfish (Drymonema dalmatinum) was first discovered off the coast of Dalmatia in the 1880s by a German naturalist, Ernst Haeckel. Here a video of a similar jellyfish spotted in Cornwall:

Almost nothing is known about this rare jellyfish. And the reason for its re-emergence is a mystery. Well hopefully the coming-back of this mysterious giant jellyfish is not linked to global warming.

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