Tinnitus: Are People Hearing Strange Buzzing Sounds Drinking Less Coffee?


Tinnitus: According to a new research, women who drank a lot of tea and coffee had reduced rates of ear ringing.

So could this mean that people hearing strange sounds don’t drink enough coffee? In other words. Do you drink enough coffee? I do!

coffee,  tinnitus, coffee tinnitus, coffee vs tinnitus, strange sounds linked to coffee consumption, strange sounds and coffee, A new study suggests women drinking coffee hear less buzzing sounds. Photo: Getty images
A new study suggests women drinking coffee hear less buzzing sounds. Photo: Getty images

if you hear voices despite any external source of sound, you should probably increase your intake of coffee and tea. A new study has indeed revealed that higher intake of caffeine lowers the rates of tinnitus in younger and middle-aged women, which is often referred to as buzzing or ringing sound in the ears.

What causes the tinnitus?

Strange ringing sounds can actually be caused any number of reasons ranging from noise induced hearing loss to nerve disorders to side effects of certain medications. Here the most common causes of this annoying noise in your ears:

1. Exposure to loud noise

One of the most common reasons you may hear ringing in your ears or head is when you are exposed to loud noise over extended periods of time. For example, it more commonly hits people who work in noisy environments, or listen to constant loud music, or maybe are frequent clubbers.

2. Presbycusis

Age related hearing loss is called presbycusis. This is an irreversible condition since the damage is caused by degeneration of sensory cells which occurs with age.

3. Otosclerosis

Otosclerosis is a condition in which there is an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear that causes hearing loss.

4. Otitis

Otitis is the infection or inflammation of the inner or outer parts of the ear. It can occur suddenly and for a short time which is then called acute otitis or it can occur repeatedly over long periods of time which is called chronic otitis. Otitis media is a middle ear infection and usually occurs in children along with cold and flu.

Coffee and tinnitus! I am always more concerned about scientists wanting to linked things that have anyhow no connections. But I will give it a try and drink more coffees… Just to check up their conclusions! LOL!

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