Mystery As Thousands of Dead Fish Appear Along Qatif’s Coast in Saudi Arabia


Tons of dead fish have been found along the coast of Qatif in Saudi Arabia!

And nobody knows exactly what is killing them.

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MYSTERY Dead fish along the coast of Qatif

A mysterious fish mass die-off is happening along the coast of Saudi Arabia. Thousands of dead fish have washed up along the coast of Qatif amid high tides.

This a first time situation for Saudi Arabia. Officials are now investigating the mysterious fih kill.

Scientists have taken dead fish samples for examination. According to preliminary results, the mass die-off is not linked to water contamination.

So what could it be?

Again, it is suggested that fish died as a result of lack of oxygen in shallow waters. Indeed, only small fish had been found lifeless along the coast, meaning that they had come for food, but had gotten stuck in the low tides and were unable to swim back. Samples confirmed that the fish lacked oxygen.

Now officials a market vendors fear illegal selling of the dead fish on the streets. So if I were you! I would not eat fish within the two weeks in Qatif! Take care!

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