Romulus Sinkhole Swallows and Almost Kills Man near Detroit, Michigan


Another Romulus sinkhole story that could have had ended badly. A deep sinkhole formed and swallowed a man in his backyard after heavy rains.

This Romulus resident is happy to be still alive!

ROMULUS, Michigan – September 7, 2014 – A Romulus couple got the scare of their lives Saturday while investigating rising water around their home. The homeowner says he fell into a sinkhole and nearly drowned

He opened the garage door to find his classic cars and a giant tool collection threatened. The flood waters were rising at Joe and Denise Klonica’s property on Inkster Rd. in Romulus. Denise checked out the back yard as water made its way into the house.

“The water was just gushing out of the back door of my garage going into the backyard like a flowing river”.

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This sinkhole swallowed and almost killed a man in Romulus, Michigan. Photo: Foy News Video


What happened next was a total shock. Joe stepped out into the front yard and was swallowed up by a deep sinkhole. Without warning, Joe was in over his head — treading water about eight feet deep and grabbing any earth he could to pull himself up.

But, the loose mud was waterlogged and slippery. “It was scary ’cause as I was grabbing the sides, the dirt was coming in with me,” he said. Fortunately, Joe and Denise had a carpenter at the house installing a new front door.

The carpenter ran out to the deep Romulus sinkhole and grabbed Joe’s arms, pulling him to safety. We’re told there may be a water main break in the yard, but crews won’t know for sure until they dry it out and do some digging to get a closer look.

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