New Cracks Discovered In Hunterston Reactor As EDF’s Plans To Extend The Scottish Power Station’s Life


New cracks have been discovered in the core of the Hunterston reactor (nuclear).

They could threaten operator EDF’s plans to extend the Scottish power station’s life.

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The new-style cracks occur in the channel, or keyway, that interlocks bricks

The new fissures have been found in two of the 3,000 graphite fuel bricksand according to specialists, these cracks are more serious than previously thought. The reactor would have to close if the new problem gets above a certain threshold. Although Hunterston-B is due to close in 2016, EDF wants to keep it running until 2023 and even beyond.

And what about safety?

There is no immediate safety impact, but the new cracks are a “marker.” They could mark the beginning of the end for Hunterston-B and the older Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (AGRs), which generate around 15 % of UK electricity.

15% is a lot… But safety is more important. So just don’t think about money making guys!

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