Human-Sized Eel Discovered in Manawatu River, New Zealand – Really? A Monster Eel?


This monster eel would have been the Kiwi sensation of 2014.

It turns out to be a prank from an aspiring Kiwi film maker. He must have the laugh of his life!

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Tim Hamilton was able to fool a city council, a US talk show and thousands of people online with his video of a monster eel in the filthy Manawatu river.

Tim Hamilton duped the Palmerston North City Council, a US show and over 100,000 people on YouTube realize.

Did you ever heard about nuclear gigantismus?

As the Manawatu river is falling apart, the council were really really stoked to find a video of eels in the river and thought they could get a bit more funding and put a bit more money into cleaning up the river if these clips were real!

This four o’clock in the morning idea was realized by Tim and his brother Ray in the bathtub of their mum.

Haha, what people believe is amazing!

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