Mysterious Explosion in the Sky Over the Sverdlovsk Region in Russia (VIDEO) – November 2014


Russia hasn’t only mysterious sinkholes forming in permafrost.

Sometimes unexplained and mysterious explosion lights up the sky as shown on these creepy Youtube videos.

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Something exploded in the sky over the Sverdlovsk region in Russia

So what created this mysterious light in the sky over the Sverdlovsk Region in Russia on November 14, 2014?

This just looks like a particularly bright fireball meteor. It’s most probably hydrogen and oxygen burning in the air as the charged meteorite moved through the atmosphere. These are actually not as rare as you would think – NASA has a network in the USA to look for them – and it has already reported 63 fireballs today.

But wait a minute, this new video of the same event is very very strange and makes me think maybe it wasn’t a meteorite?

Specifically, if I had to bet, this sky event occurred during the Leonid meteor shower which peaks today. The Leonids are a strange beast of a shower whereby some years you get storms that produce thousands of meteors due to particularly dense debris, some years are years were nothing happens out of the ordinary.

Watch some more amazing fireball videos!

This year was supposed to be one of the ordinary years (~10/hour from that – you get one meteor a minute just from normal debris) but that doesn’t mean you can have larger chunks as part of that 10/hour.

So mystery fireball explosion?

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  1. If this is a meteor then why isnt it moving?? Also, it seems like the b light originates on the ground and reflects on the clouds in the sky, not from the sky down. Figured a professional journalist would be able to see the facts…i dont see a meteor at all. Looks to me more like a rocket launch.

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