Spooky Flashing Lips of the Electric Flame Scallop – Christmas of the Sea


The Electric Flame Scallop? Christmas of the Sea?

Are those names given to an awesome real animal or some amazing asian toy?

This video presented by the Enoshima Aquarium shows the bioluminescent mantle of a flame scallop (Ctenoides ales, a.k.a. noble file clam or electric eye scallop). The purpose of the flashing lips remains a mystery.

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Courtney Platt

But this is actually the perfect creature for the oncoming Christmas season and all its lights and fairy! Yes it’s the best creature because of its the mantle that has a strip of bioluminescent tissue over it, which flashes so that it looks like electricity is flowing throughout the scallop!

Yes, this scallop is really a Christmas Mystery!

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