2500-year-old Russian Princess Tattooed Mummy Witchcraft: The Siberian Ice Maiden Triggers Natural Disasters


The Siberian Ice Maiden witchcraft is so powerful it triggers natural disasters.

Because local elders feared that the Russian ice mummy upheaval led to a series of natural disasters, it will be returned to her resting place.

Siberian ice maiden, tattooed Siberian ice maiden, russian tattoo mummy, tattooed mummy altai, russian princess mummy, The remains of the Siberian ice Maiden or Russian princess brings bad luk and increases natural disaster. To stop the bad spell it will be buried back.

The 2,500-year-old Russian princess was uncovered 21 years ago by scientist Natalie Polosmak and described as ‘one of the most significant’ finds of the 20th Century.

Discover this mysterious Russian tattooed mummy in pictures.

Plans have now been put forward to return her to her final resting place, which include a special mausoleum in Russia’s Altai Mountains.

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