Apocalyptic Tornado and Dust Storm in Arrecifes, Argentina (VIDEOS)


An intense storm engulfed Buenos Aires and other cities around.

High winds uprooted trees and blasted roofs from houses. A tornado touched down in Arrecifes. These videos are just incredible!

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Buenos Aires and Arrecifes suffered severe damage due to heavy rain, strong winds and a tornado on December 1, 2014. This video was filmed just after the tornado touch down in Arrecifes:

In the capital city, water from heavy rain flooded streets (Belgrano) closing streets in Quilmes and Laferrere.

This is what it looked like inside the tornado. Incredible:

In Laferrere, it’s the 23rd flood this year. Pretty wet over there!

This last video is probably a sand storm just before the tornado in Arrecifes, or it is maybe just dust being swept away by high winds and the tornado. The wall is pretty impressive!

During apocalyptical floods last June 2014, the Iguazu Falls were overflowing! WOW!

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