What Were the Loud Booms at Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana?


Unexplained loud booms shook Louisiana’s Natchitoches Parish on November 30, 2014!

Their source remains a mystery! Do you know what they were?

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A loud boom has Natchitoches Parish sheriff’s deputies searching for a source. Authorities say the boom happened in south Natchitoches Parish just after 5:30 Sunday evening, November 30, 2014.

The incident reportedly shook several residences.

Deputies checked the area searching for a source but so far, nothing has been found. Authorities say they also checked with Fort Polk officials and no military training operations were held at Peason Ridge Sunday.

On Monday, authorities contacted the National Weather Service’s Shreveport office. NWS officials claim that no debris field was observed on radar during that time period.

Could these booms be related to the bangs heard across Britain the day before? Was it a meteor explosion? Was it related to an earthquake?

The source of the boom remains under investigation.

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