Loud Boom Noises, Increasing Earthquakes And Sinkholes – A Video Update


Just about every night the past few weeks, folks from all across the US and the world have reported “loud boom noises” or “big explosion sounds”.

Moreover, earthquakes are increasing and sinkholes open up at unprecedent rate. Are all these Earth events linked together?

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The source of noises is rarely (if ever) reported and most of the time, even officials have no ideas about what’s causing these booms.

An interesting fact to point out is that loud booms are heard accompanying earthquakes. Now, with the recent earthquakes in Irving, the loud boom reports are resurfacing.

Within the last few weeks, there have also been dozens of earthquakes rattle Connecticut, Ohio and Oklahoma and loud booms have also been reported up that way! Moreover, unprecedent tremors have occurred in non-seismic areas in Mexico and between two Islands of the Canary‘s Archipelago.

More Earthquakes, more sinkholes, and strange noises being heard around the world… Listen to Linda Moulton Howe explaining a scary discovery which could mean disaster:

Some mysterious booming sounds may be explained by the so-called cryoseisms, but all this to say, we have no idea what is causing these booms.

Feel free to report them as you hear them. But please realize I will not always have an answer for you.

Maybe a follower of this page knows more about sinkholes, booms and seismology than I do…if so, please chime in below!

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  1. I heard a loud boom at approximately 5:23PM on Sept 5, 2015 in the south county area of St. Louis, MO. It sounded like a loud explosion & then my entire garage shook. Local news stations reported that several people from surrounding areas such as Fenton & Kirkwood, MO also heard the boom. At that time, it was reported that there was NO seismic activity in the area. Later that evening that information was changed to “there was a 2.5 magnitude earthquake in Imperial, MO”. On Sept 6, that information was updated again and changed to a 2.6 magnitude earthquake. Living in the Midwest, I’ve been through several earthquakes but this was the first time I heard a loud boom. Also found it strange, per KSDK (Channel 5 News in St. Louis) “that at first, the USGS hadn’t heard about anything happening in our neck of the woods, but promised to look into the event. A short time later they called back and told KSDK, after some searching, that they had found the source of the event thousands felt across the region”.

  2. heard two now, outside of metro area of mpls. I thought there was a gas explosion. Never seen anything like UFO’s or ghosts, so this is definitely weird and real to me.
    Earth is doing something, why I don’t know, and the media and USGS will just dismiss it as they always do, as not to alarm the sheeple.

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