Snowmageddon 2015 Video From Dieppe New Brunswick


The snow is pilling up and the winds are increasing in Dieppe, NB, Canada.

Watch this amazing video of the Snowmageddon 2015 along American East Coast.

In the video, McGrath starts off by showing the “9-foot” snow bank that has built up in front of his door. He tries to dig his way out of it, but after about 30 seconds admits defeat and moves to another potential exit point.

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A man walks near a snow plow after a winter storm hit Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island February 16, 2015.

In the garage, McGrath is able to see the top half of his car and figures he and his wife can jump and squeeze their way out of the house.

Canadian media reported that 80 cm (2.6 feet) of snow hit the province, breaking a single storm record.

Now watch a train plowing through the snow in NB!

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