The True Color Of The Moon! If Only We Had A Saturation-Enhancement Filter In Our Eyes


The moon is not grey as you think!

So what is the true color of the moon?

If you had to pick a single hue, it would probably be gray. But actually the moon is multicolor!

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The true colors of the moon by Maximilian Teodorescu at Comana Woods, Romania

As shown in this picture, the moon has different colors. There are light-gray lunar highlands, dark-gray lunar seas, and miles and miles of gray moondust everywhere. Yet the Moon is not monochromatic. Astronomers have long known that the Moon’s terrain is actually rich in subtle color.

Of course astrphotographer Teodorescu boosted the natural colors of the Snow Moon using Photoshop and added to his picture:

[quote_box_center]This is how the Moon would look like if we could have an saturation-enhancement filter integrated in our eyes.[/quote_box_center]

The different colors corresponds to another mineral composition of the Moon. Blue denotes areas rich in titanium, while orange is titanium poor. Pink traces iron-poor, aluminum-rich feldspars found in the lunar highlands.

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