Underground Electrical Explosions Increase Around The World But Remains Unexplained


Underground electrical explosions have increased over the last months around the world.

Just on February 2, 2015, five explosions knocked out power, killed and injured in the USA, Europe and Australia. Here a compilation of these creepy news stories!

Manhole blow up after underground electrical explosion in Brooklyn

And a man is “lucky to be alive” after he was smashed in the head by a flying manhole cover near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. A fire and a massive boom were reported around 11:20 a.m. Monday. A 93-year-old neighbor was cut across her forehead when the underground explosion shattered a window in her apartment.

Subterranean explosion and fire releases carbon monoxide in coastal Manhattan

An apartment building in Manhattan was evacuated Monday evening after a nearby manhole explosion sent smoke into the building at about 5:30 p.m., raising carbon monoxide levels inside. Is this weather related? As explained by Jumping Jack Flash, similar events were happening all this past spring, summer and fall. So I doubt it too!

underground explosion manhole february 2015, underground explosion 2015, underground explosion increases, underground explosion february 2015, underground explosion manhole brooklyn, Underground explosion manhole in Brooklyn on February 2, 2015. Photo by TODD MAISEL
Underground explosion manhole in Brooklyn on February 2, 2015. Photo by TODD MAISEL
And another in Michigan followed by blackouts

Many Escanaba residents awoke Monday to find themselves without power after an explosion at a nearby utility plant substation. Around 1:30 a.m. Feb. 2, an explosion at an Escanaba Power Plant substation caused widespread power outages across the city, according to the Escanaba City Electric Department. The Escanaba Area Schools had to close because of the event:

 And this manhole explosion occurred in Rawtenstall UK on the same day

The underground explosion created a loud bang and knocked out power to 500 homes in the area. The cause of the underground cable fault is unknown. Officials add that incidents of this nature are extremely rare. But actually looking at the statistics, they are on the rise in the UK. In 2013 there were 135 incidents of manhole fires, up from just 32 in 2010. Last year more than 150.

Finally an electrical blasts killed 2 in Perth, Australia

At least two people were killed and two others suffered critical burns in an explosion at a shopping mall in Perth, Western Australia. The cause of the explosion is unknown but lightning from a severe electrical storm has been ruled out.

Yes! warning, there is an alarming and mysterious rise of flying manholes and blasts caused by underground cable or transformer explosions! Could they be related to a moving Earth?

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  1. I wouldn’t say they’re unexplained. I’ve explained these fires and explosions, and many other mysteries too. It’s an ancient planetary extinction event. It’ll get waaaaay worse too. But it’s already plenty bad, with people and animals randomly dropping dead, sometimes foaming at the mouth or bleeding out, fires and explosions everywhere, the oceans dying, etc. More info here, for anyone who wants to watch human civilization coming to an end on this planet:


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