Auroral chorus recorded during massive geomagnetic storm on March 17 2015 as far south as Texas!


Earth is a natural radio. Plasma waves coursing through the magnetosphere produce a symphony of “tweeks,” “whistlers” and “sferics.”

On March 17th, the auroral chorus symphony reached fever pitch and was recorded as far south as Texas! Yes, this was an intense geomagnetic storm!

Now click on the image below to listen to the chorus:

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The very low frequency (VLF) radio phenomena called ‘auroral chorus’ were recorded by Kevin Palivec near Hawley, Texas during this week’s powerful geomagnetic storm.

Yes aurora chorus signals have been detected as far south as Texas underlining the insane intensity of that particularly strong magnetic storm. Can you imagine?

Readers who wish to monitor Earth’s natural radio emisions for themselves can buy a NASA VLF radio receiver kit from the INSPIRE project. It’s a fun project for scientists of all ages.

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