Unexplained booms rattle houses and windows in Flat Rock, Michigan


More than a dozen residents called Flat Rock police to report hearing a loud unexplained boom, that some said shook their houses just before 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

After hours of searching the areas that people reported the noise, nothing was found.

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Flat Rock band

Some will probably say it was frost quake! LOL!

A few comments from residents about this boom:

Sounded like a bomb went off.

I live in South Rockwood and it was so loud here felt like a truck hit my house and my house is brick.

Shook the house, and our guts.

If you have the solution for the hundreds of people from Newport to Taylor that flocked to social media to report hearing the noise, feeling the vibration and speculating as to the cause, please send us a note!

Continuous Booming Noises Heard and Felt in Mt Morris and Other Michigan Communities.

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