Auditory hallucination simulations are nightmarish, creepy and disturbing


auditory hallucination, Auditory Hallucinations - An Audio Representation, auditory hallucinations, auditory hallucination simulation, auditory hallucination examples, schizophrenia simulator video, auditory hallucination video, video of auditory hallucination, schizophrenia simulatorAuditory hallucinations are nightmarish, creepy and disturbing!

Discover how these sounds and voices often negative and unwanted are affecting every area of a person’s life.

For most people without a mental illness it can be hard to understand what those who suffer from auditory hallucinations are actually experiencing. Now a number of simulations exist that allow anybody to experience what an auditory hallucination may actually sound like.

Needless to say, it’s nightmarish, creepy and disturbing.

Much like binaural beats, auditory hallucinations are only heard within the head of a single person. However these sounds and voices are often negative, unwanted and maddening, often effecting every area of a person’s life.

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