Fukushima tap water wins Monde Selection gold award – WTF!


fukushima tap water, Fukushima tap water wins Monde Selection gold award, fukushima tap water prize, fukushima tap water radioactivity, no radioactivity in fukushima tap waterFukushima tap water has won the second-highest prize in the Monde Selection, one of the most prestigious quality awards in the world, according to the city government.

The Fukushima Municipal Government hopes that the Gold Quality Award will help to dispel negative rumors stemming from the March meltdown at Fukushima.

No radioactive material has been detected in Fukushima’s tap water since April 2011, as in any tap water in the country.

Good god! if i go to the 2020 olympics I’ll buy some of their “pristine” Gold Medal, 100% radiation free water bottles…

Who are they thinking will believe this?

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