Next huge solar eruption? Giant 700,000 km filament stretches over the sun


Look at this giant filament over the sun!

It is stretching an amazing 700,000 km across the solar disk. And if you want it in 3D, just cross your eyes:

giant filament sun may 27 2015, giant 700000km filament over sun may 27 2015, Watch this giant solar filament of more than 300,000km in threee day by crossing your eyes! Awesome!sun filament picture may 27 2015, giant sun filament picture may 27 2015
Watch this giant solar filament of more than 300,000km in 3D by crossing your eyes! Awesome!

This picture was taken by Paco Bellido on May 27, 2015 in Cordoba, Spain.

As Space Weather writes:

[quote_box_center]Giant filaments like this one are often unstable. They can erupt, hurling parts of themselves into space. Also, fragments falling back to the stellar surface explode, producing a type of flare called a “Hyder flare.” No sunspots are required for this kind of solar activity.[/quote_box_center]

So is the next big Hyder flare around?

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