The volcanic activity and eruptions escalating around the world are kind of scary!


Volcanic activity around the world continues to escalate on June 2015!

Knowing that volcanic eruptions are reknown for mass extinction events in the past, this recent and dramatic increase in volcanic explosions is preoccupating me. Scary!

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Awesome picture of the Villarica volcano erupting. Photo by Gerard Hudepohl

In the Philippines Islands, Mount Bulusan has started erupting on June 16, 2015. Although no violent eruptions are expected in the next days, Mount Bulusan ejected ash up to a kilometer (0.6 mile) high for about 10 minutes and a smaller explosion hours later lasted a minute.

A bit more north, Mount Asama volcano erupted near Tokyo. This is the latest in a string of recent volcanic incidents across Japan.

Moreover, Mount Shindake went through another eruptive crisis Thursday, June 18, 2015, between 12:17 and 12:47. It was preceded by an increase in seismic activity earlier this week.

[quote_box_center]The most famous of Mount Asama’s eruptions took place in 1783, during which more than 1,000 people were killed and 1,000-plus surrounding homes were destroyed.[/quote_box_center]

Always along the ring of fire, the Sinabung volcano continues erupting in Indonesia triggering the evacuation of 10,000 people. Authorities raised the alert status of Mount Sinabung volcano to the highest level.

And along the American continent, things aren’t at rest:

The Cleveland Volcano in Alaska is growing restless again, but it does not mean it will erupt in the next days.

The region around volcano Pacaya in Guatemala is experiencing an increase in seismic activity probably foretelling the next eruption crisis in the region.

the activity of the Popocatépetl volcano near Mexico City is increasing. Only on June 17 2015, 83 exhalations have been reported. Yellow alert!

Moreover, Volcano Cotopaxi in Equador is under white alert. A violent eruption is however discarded.

The volcanic activity around the world is escalating… AND THIS IS KIND OF SCARY!

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