Spectacular solar explosion on June 18 2015 – Resulting CME will miss Earth


On June 18, 2015, a spectacular explosion occurred on the sun.

The powerful CME induced will however not reach our Planet. Better this way!

The prominence is spectacular, isn’t it?

This eruption is due to sunspot AR2365 that exploded on June 18th at 01:30 AM.

As explained by Space Weather:

[quote_box_center]Debris from the explosion flew away from the sun in the form of a massive CME. The storm cloud is moving well off the sun-Earth line, however, and is not expected to hit our planet.[/quote_box_center]

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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

Keep in mind that two big sunspots are facing Earth: AR2371 and AR2367. They grow rapidly with unstable ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic fields that harbor energy for strong flares.

So, the next solar explosion might not miss!

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