Kalamba lake dries up for first time in its 135-year-old history


For the first time in its 135-year-old existence, the Kalamba Lake in Kolhapur has almost dried up completely.

Now, the lake covers a surface of three hectares – original size: 63.13 hectares – and the water level has dropped to 4 ft against the 15-18 ft usually reported in February.

The lake may dry up completely by February-end or mid-March. Environmentalists fear that the aquatic system developed in the water body over 135 years will disappear completely.

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Kalamba lake dries up and many species will disappear completely. Ecosystem collpase. by Harshad Bhurke

The lake was built to ensure clean and safe drinking water facility for the city of Kolhapur.

Locals say this is the first time the lake has dried up so badly.

Possible explanations for this drying apocalypse are low rainfall during last monsoon, the bad management of the water body and the unrestricted construction in the lake’s catchment areas.

Ecologists say the drying up of the lake will reduce the dissolved oxygen level in the water and kill the fish inside. Reports of fish and bird mass kills are already reported. Another ecosystem collapse.

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