Giant crack keeps growing in Logan Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania


A few weeks ago, this giant crack looked to be about a foot wide. On April 28, 2016, it’s grown to about ten feet wide and about 15 feet deep.

Can you imagine that? This fault keeps growing at an amazing 2 inches / per day at the surface. Is the mountain sliding or is this fault actually linked to plate movements from below?

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via We Are Central PA

A large crack has formed in the ground across a wide area in Logan Township, Blair County, Central Pennsylvania.

It is growing bigger every day in the hillside behind a couple of stores and officials have no clues how the ground started shifting.

The hill is made out of clay which may lubricate, shift or even collapse with rain.

In the comments of the video, somebody explains: “I actually grew up in this town and the breakage is happening on a mountain that was dug out for a shopping complex. I don’t think it is earthquake related this time.

“I think it is more the mountain sliding and will evenually crumble down into the stores below.”

So get out of there!

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