Most amazing lightning video caught in Houston, Texas


I’ve never seen lightning do this before!

Look at this incredible electric moment captured by Cain Garcia last Friday evening in Houston, Texas. Amazing!

Yes, it is like a spider crawling across the night sky! The next one was caught by Lexi Fye from Deer Park, Texas, during Friday evening’s intense lightning storm. Wow.

Torrential rains are continuing to wreak havoc on already flooded parts of southeast Texas as one major river has swelled to levels not seen in more than 100 years.

Flash flood warnings have been issued in most parts of the state — including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston — as a slow-moving storm system continues to soak the area.

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Facebook video

Across the ocean, in Paris, the Seine River is overflowing and people fear a centennial flooding.

After snow in Zimbabwe, Africa, Earth’s climate is collapsing!

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