Huge blast and bright flash of light in the sky cause fear and panic in Pakistan


Residents of Gilgit and Ghizer Districts in Pakistan ran into fear after they experienced a huge blast and a bright flash of light in their sky.

The blast was so strong that some of the citizens feared a plane crash or even a bomb explosion after the recent string of attacks.

The loud boom detonated and rumbled locals in the Gilgit, Ghizer and neighbouring Diamer district at around 9 PM on March 16, 2017. This was most probably a giant fireball exploding in loud booms while disintegrating.

The sky phenomenon set the entire city alight before disappearing suddenly.

A resident said: ‘Hit somewhere in shilpi Ghizer but no casualities.

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A giant fireball disintegrated in loud booms over parts of Pakistan. Residents ran in terror. via Daily Pakistan

Another local reported he was on a motorcycle when he saw red and yellowish stars and “something else” moving fast in the sky…

People from Haripur and Islamabad also reported seeing a bright object flying fast across the sky towards the north.

Officials have now confirmed that the explosion and flashes were caused by a huge meteor crossing the sky over the Ghizer and Gilgit District. There are unconfirmed reports that the meteorite may have fallen in a remote area somewhere between the Yasin and Gupis Tehsils of Ghizer District.

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