Terrifying videos show the devastation after five deadly EF-3 tornadoes hit Illinois, Indiana and Missouri

These terrifying videos show the devastating consequences of the five EF-3 tornadoes that left in Illinois and Missouri a track of death and despair on February 28, 2017.

Have a prayer for the victims their families and everyone having experienced the EF-3 tornado in Naplate, Illinois, the EF-3 tornado in Washburn, Illinois, the EF-3 tornado in Perryville, Missouri, the EF-3 tornado in Crossville, Illinois and the the EF-3 tornado in Poseyville, Indiana.

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A statue of the Virgin Mary survived untouched while severe weather wiped out an entire line of nearby pine trees as well as damaged buildings and other facilities on the campus of the St. Mary Catholic Church in Ireland, Indiana. (Dave Weatherwax/Dubois County Herald) via

Naplate, Illinois

Washburn, Illinois

Perryville, Missouri

Along the highway I-55 in Missouri

Crossville, Illinois

Poseyville, Indiana

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