US Superstorm: VERY large, powerful storm system stretching from New York to the Texas Panhandle


This is what a superstorm looks like!

A VERY large, powerful storm system is forming over the United States stretching from New York all the way back to the Texas Panhandle.

It looks like an anomalous “energy rush” of some sort. And the deadly superstorm continues to grow. You will/may get downpours, floods, snow, tornado, hail, winds through the weekend from New York to Texas!

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This superstorm is growing and already coering more than half of the United States from New York to Texas. via Youtube Video

This system, based off of these satellite images has the potential to create some very intense storms. Update video about the storm:

Has the sky ever fallen on your head? No?!? Well get under cover!

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  1. I wonder how dutchsinse, the radar showing weather modification has covered the ‘superstorm’?
    Weather weapons are devastating, but then so are hedge fund, political operators like Soros’s interests.
    Who do you think goes into devastated areas to scoop up the land on the cheap? just sayin’

  2. I live just outside of Niagara Falls, NY and all we have is clear skies right now. We have had no weather warnings at all. The only warning we have right now is Lake Ontario south shoreline flooding until 11pm tomorrow night. Not bc it’s raining or bc of a huge super storm or anything. Just bc the Lakes water levels are high as they always are out here this time of year. This story is completely 120% FALSE.

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