Increasing Cosmic Rays Cause Historic USA Floods & Global Deluges


What is the cause of the historic floods currently sweeping across the planet?

According to Youtuber Adapt 2030, it could be linked to an increase in galactic cosmic rays. Watch his video below:

Here his explanation: ‘With historic floods sweeping our planet, the cause can be attributed directly to an increase in galactic cosmic rays. These cause cloud formation between 15,000 and 18,500 feet and there have been record increases in the last 18 months of 12.5% with another 19% increase forecast for solar cycle 25.

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This is the reason our planet is being ravaged by hail, blizzards and historic floods events, not CO2, but the answer is Galactic Cosmic Rays.

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  1. In some meanings, yes there are cosmic rays but main factor – it is intense psionic energy (or psi, prana, chi, etc) radiating from higher levels. This energy is very peculiar cause it affects not only matter but also spiritual and celestial things and is powering-up psychic abilities. I can feel its influence every time it increases and almost always after that there are some visible events everywhere. This energy also lifts up lower levels of existence to higher cause we live in split parallel realities (called also ethereal, astral and mental levels), so new realitiy will be more spooky and ghostly. Like many strange sounds or current ghost-looking clouds for example…

    • Yep! Cosmic rays my butt! This entire premise is nothing but a neocon smokescreen to hide the fact they are poisoning our planet on a daily basis.

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