This video shows the deadly evolution of nuclear weapons


When mankind first created nuclear weapons, we took every possible precaution to ensure those doomsday devices could never be used by the wrong hands. But not all! Look at the mess we have these days. When the nuclear bomb put a spectacular end to World War II, the world collectively realized that this whole “apocalyptic explosives” thing might not be so fun after all. From the 1950s up through the early 1990s, the specter of nuclear war cast a shadow over the world like a giant, gloomy mushroom tattoo. Now in 2017, were are we? How have the nuclear weapons evolve over the years?

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The deadly evolution of nuclear weapons

It’s totally insane how the destructive power of nuclear weapons has increased since the United States dropped the first atomic bomb. Almost unimaginable!

Have we entered another cold war? See, I feel we are entering again this strange period of time during which major governments are telling stories around a campfire… And whoever has the scariest idea, wins.

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