Spider lightning colors Adelaide sky in PINK (video)


I have never seen something like this! This lightning stretches all across the dark and stormy seaside of Adelaide, Australia, when suddenly the sky color changes to PINK! Was Zeus angry last night? Is that PLASMA? Look at the baffling video below:

This strange phenomenon was recorded by Caleb Travis in the southern Australian city of Adelaide.

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This spider lightning changed the sky over Adelaide pink. Watch the baffling video of the phenomenon.

I have never seen something like this! What about you?

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  1. It is iron oxide in the air that is making the sky pink, part of the giant dust cloud that arrives here ahead of Nibiru’s passing. Note it is the same color as Himalayan pink salt, which is that color because it contains iron oxide (look it up). It is the same thing that caused the rivers to look like blood in the Exodus story (and later became part of Himalayan salt in a long-gone, dried-up ocean). Having lots of iron in the air would affect lightning, making it different than normal. All of this has a scientific explanation when it is looked at with an open mind and Occam’s Razor type thinking.

    • it’s not the color which is surprising as much as the lightning formation… never seen anything like that. Now explain this with the Occam’s Razor please!

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