Longest lasting rainbow in history colors the sky over Taipei, Taiwan for 9 continuous hours, setting a new world record


How cool! A 9 hours rainbow! Yes, this rainbow colored the sky over Taipei, Taiwan for nine freaking continuous hours – from 06:57 until 15:55 or exactly 8 hours and 58 minutes on November 30, 2017. And THIS IS THE LONGEST LASTING RAINBOW IN HISTORY. Of course this will not make the headlines… But I do speak about it just to show that there are amazing things happening in our man-made Nature worldwide! BTW, the previous world record was set on March 14, 1994 in Sheffield, UK, when another impressive rainbow lasted six full hours.

The uniqueness of this rainbow is also the fact that it was “quadruple”. The rainbow in the sky appears as a result of the reflection of light by raindrops. If the light inside the drop is reflected twice, a double rainbow is formed, three times a triple rainbow, etc.

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The world’s longest lasting rainbow – a quadrupole rainbow – colored the sky over in Taipei, Taiwan on November 30, 2017 for an amazing 9 hours. New wolrd record! via Youtube video

This is just too weird not to speak about this unusual sky phenomenon, yes about this gigantic quadrupole rainbow in the sky of Taipei that lasted an incredible 9 hours, setting a new World Record of longevity. Pretty anomalous no? Meanwhile they continue spraying!

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