Biggest wave surfed by Hugo Vau at Nazare, Portugal (videos) – Wave dubbed ‘Big Mama’ was 35 meters high!

January has been a busy month for big wave surfers in Europe. Extreme weather conditions — including high winds — have seen top surfers spend the last week at Nazare in the hope of catching a big wave. The forecast promised two huge days with surreal conditions for surfing. While Wednesday the first day of the swell was really windy and hard to surf, Thursday was a day to remember. Many of the best big wave surfers of the world including Axi Munian, Maya Gabeira, Benjamin Sanchis, Ross Clarke Jones, Hugo Vau, Sebastian Steudtner and Eric Rebiere caught some of the biggest waves ever ridden in Nazare, Portugal. And some claim Hugo Vau could have smashed a world record amid claims he surfed one of the biggest waves ever seen at Nazare, Portugal. The wave — nicknamed ‘Big Mama’ — was reported to be up to 35-metres-high, which, if confirmed, would beat current Guinness Book of Records holder Garrett McNamara, who tackled a 23-metre one at Praia do Norte in 2011.

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Portugal’s Hugo Vau has surfed one of the biggest waves ever seen at Nazare, Portugal, riding a 35 meters high wave called Big Mama. via EuroNews

Now enjoy these amazing videos of giant waves at Nazare, Portugal:

1. The new world record wave:

Followed by some other totally crazy videos:


The giant waves off the beaches of Nazare have helped the resort become one of the region’s tourist attractions.

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