Strange Sounds in the sky of Canada, Romania and Norway (videos)


The strange sounds from the sky are back and louder than ever. What could it be? Here a compilation of weird noises captured in Canada, Romania and the Netherlands.

I heard these strange sounds coming from the sky over Ontario, Canada on February 21, 2018. These noises went on for several hours. It seems to be something that’s been happening all over the world…..very bizarre.

This powerfull wind-like sound was heard on February 8, 2018 near Bucharest, Romania:

This sound, recorded in Ølen, Rogaland in the West of Norway, is very low because the recorder’s window was closed and the sound was far away on February 10, 2018:

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  1. def the guy tryin tah fake off the pouring of the bucket, well God doesnt do things like this hes a God of invitation

  2. PUBLIC SECURITY SECTION 9 AGENT PROTO SAYS: That must be the worm catapiler drive propulsion system for the Red October submarine noise that it makes. No, not really it might be related to the tearing of the earth’s electromagnetic field in unexpected places. When the coronal hole ejection solar winds double in strength or more and batter our planets electromagnetic field. Will make oddball noises that are in audible and inaudible by the human hearing as well as noise through out the radio frequency spectrum.

  3. When I was 14 asleep in the living room in Covina, Ca.. I was awakens by something. Don’t know if it was the low boom or God, something woke me at 4am. This is totally true, and if you don’t believe in God, well if this happened to you, trust you would. Anyways I awoke and heard a low booming sound, a strange sound like maybe… Heck I can’t even describe it. It sounded far enough away to be the house next door so I just sat there on the couch, and before I even thought to ponder what it was it got louder. It was like a giant heartbeat I guess. This sound scared me so bad to talk about it even scares me. It was invisible and got louder and closer sounded like it was on the roof! It was pounding faster like it was running towards me, it was in the ROOM!!! I got up and ran as fast I could outside!!!. I will NEVER EVER EVER FORGET! The sound it made was so so damn scary. There is one video I found on YouTube, its been awhile since I’ve looked for more. This is no trumpet, its EVIL. Its in one of my old playlists on YouTube. God Bless E1.. Gloly 2 Our King Jesus

  4. Hello from Canada,

    Just heard sounds VERY similar to the first one just now which is why i am here on your site to see if im crazy or not. It was exactly likethe first video BUT was more.. consistant in its notes? more of a one toned trumpeting that escalated. i thought perhaps train horn or breaks but then a train horn actualy DID go off so its definitely not that. It was deep and deepened i guess. It went off maybe 4-5 times in strides for about 5 minutes or less. Enough for me to pause everything to go to my window thats for sure.. yesterday we got a sky full of chemicals so im going to assume its whatever is causing the weather manipulation or something since it is a mix of … a metally trumpet sound of very large beast ahah.


  5. C’est comme dans rencontre du troisème type, j’imagine assez une Entité “STAR” pianotant afin d’obtenir le tempo destructeur de toutes vies sur cette belle boule bleue.
    Chaque vibration apportant des Informations aux Éléments-Terre, en leur intimant l’ordre de bien vouloir passer à la vitesse supérieure.
    C’est ce qui arrive en ce mot-ment.
    C’est expo-en-ciel , u jamais vu, du jamais vécu, de la fiction en état pur dont tous Nous sommes acteurs de la dernière Cène, “made-in-devin”, annonçant la venue d’un Sauveur capitaliste aimant le luxe et la luxure.

    • What happens now on Earth is a long lasting war, but not usual and common like wars we know from history. This is a war between nature and degeneration, between spirituality and materialism, between higher senses and lust. One of the main rules of universe is evolution. Our world is totally oppose to that and created to maintain degeneration or stagnation in all aspects of life, mainly spiritual but also material. There are scientific proofs that Earth was once a paradise – much warmer, with green Antarctica, oxygen level at even 30-40%, and much bigger plants and animals. Horsetails were a trees, now they are maximum up to 50 cm. Birds were mighty dinosaurs and some measured tens of meters. But I belive it will finally end some day, because there cannot be a victory against universe and its laws.

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