Mysterious sounds and vibrations rattle villagers and crack homes in India

Mysterious sounds and unexplained vibrations rattle residents in India
Mysterious sounds and unexplained vibrations rattle residents in India. Picture: ntpc kudgi

Strange loud sounds accompanied by rumblings and vibrations emerging from the ground are rattling residents of India since the beginning of last month.

Fear and panic has already spread across inhabitants of several communities, among other Malghan, Masuti, and Kalagurki in Kolhar taluk and Managoli of Basavana Bagewadi taluk.

The villagers report feeling frequent loud sound from beneath the ground, followed by vibrations/mild tremors for five to six seconds that have already cracked many mud houses in the area.

After being only rattled every 2-3 days, now the weird phenomenon occurs on a daily basis. People even start sleeping outside their homes, fearing a major tremor.

Mahantesh Biradar, a resident of Malghan told DH: “We heard a loud sound and a big jolt on Saturday. Kitchen utensils fell from shelves in several houses. This strange phenomenon has created fear among the villagers.

A hint to the mystery may be the Kudgi NTPC plant and Almatti reservoir in close vicinity. There is indeed a major pit being dig at the plant, which could lead to tremors and vibrations. However, the source of the underground noise is still unexplained, and a group of officials is trying to debunk the sound mystery. Read more at DH, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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