Loud humming noises in Sydney, Australia – Mystery booms and rumblings in England and the US! What is going on with these strange sounds in the sky?

strange sounds in the sky december 2020
strange sounds in the sky recorded all over the world in December 2020. What the hell are these skyquakes?

They are being reported around the world but nobody knows what they are.

The so-called skyquakes sound like a loud explosion, a trumpet or a sonic boom coming from the sky, sometimes producing shock waves, shaking homes, buildings and annoying residents.

Recently, they have been reported in Indonesia; as well as in several other countries across the world like Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Ghana, USA, UK and Myanmar.

Although being reported in many large cities around the world, these sky trumpets remain unexplained.

Recently a group of scientists has tried to debunk their mystery without success. Same results for Canadian scientists working on the Windsor Hum.

But what has happened around the world in the last few days?

Lastest sky trumpets and booms around the world

In the last few days, residents of Sydney, Australia were left baffled after a mystery hum inundated the sky at 4:40am on Dec. 15th… And that during two long minutes!

A few days before, some loud booms were reported in Bath, England, also in the morning hours. The source hasn’t been determined yet.

On Dec. 10th a loud boom and a bright flash of light just before 11 p.m. were reported by scared residents of Hendersonville’s Walton Ferry and Indian Lake peninsulas, Old Hickory and Hermitage in Tennessee. No clues have been found yet… But this one is probably a meteor, no?

A loud explosion was heard over Eagle, Idaho Friday night at around 8:15 p.m.

Another meteor fireball going boom?

Here somea compilation of some more videos of strange sky noises recorded in the past week or so.

In Lakeland, Florida:

In Fairbanks, Alaska:

In Houston, Texas:

In Oswego County, New York

Across the Ohio Valley

What are the strange sounds and mysterious booms?

The cause of the humming noises and booming sounds has not been positively identified yet. Here some plausible hypotheses:

  • Shock wave from coronal mass ejection
  • Meteor fireballs entering the atmosphere.
  • Exploding gas
  • Military aircraft sonic booms
  • Earthquake booms and rumblings
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • The sound of the apocalypse

Please tell me what is the origin of this mysterious humming noise! More strange sounds on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. https://youtu.be/hXetO_bYcMo

    10 hours of continuous white noise.

    Figured out a trick I used to do when I was younger. I don’t have a tv. since forever.
    I can block out low frequency noise issue/harrassment from idiot snowmonkey tweakers. I just tried it, and it works. Using a phone. Wifi sucks out here.

    Alternatively, you can use sound proofing blackout drapes, which I planned on getting. I already have double pane glass.

    You can build acoustic panels as well. I planned on that too. Also, you can seal all space around doors, and areas where sound can enter.

    I had another idiot neighbor that would get drunk, and blackout with his surround sound system on 10 at .0300hrs. Cops showed up and said he was so drunk he couldn’t stand up.
    It was ridiculous. He would go to costco, and bring in eight cases of the bargain diarrhea beer to his garage mancave—weekly!

    * He and his Ho probably weighed 700lbs collectively. Welfare bums too!

    • https://youtu.be/twACFulRrbA

      Same guy made this sound file on vid. It’s water sound of raindrops.

      It’s soothing background noise. Blocks out the problem hum/bass low frequency noise?

      The raindrop file seems to have more buffering on my end. The brown or white noise file has zero buffering. Info only.

      • *You can also use a radio, and tune to white noise, adjust volume.

        There are ways to diffuse irritating sounds.

        I’d rather hear the trumpets for a change. ?

    • https://youtu.be/HmH4W8JOifg

      This is a raindrops noise blocking file, 10 hour continuous play. It works good enough. If you have irritating noises, then you can play this while sleeping.
      There is a video of continuous fan noise. That one works same as the old fan I had, which broke.

      I got 7-8 hours sleep which is enough for me. If this helps anyone else, good.

  2. Noticed scroogle/yootube blocked a video from being displayed on this site.

    That’s baloney technofascist crapola.

      • It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when technofascists censor news, they create more buzz on the topic, and more desire for people to do research on a censored topic.

        That’s usually how I know there is more to a story, that is, when bogus fact checkers write bogus stories, or when the technofascists hide and censor articles.

  3. Sea foam froths up Australia’s Gold Coast
    The foam lured families and children to play in the bubbles, which blanketed fences and signs on the Currumbin Beach.

    The heavy rains, wild winds and high seas, generated by an intense low-pressure system off the Queensland coast, have swallowed beaches and submerged large swathes of the heavily populated regions near the state border with New South Wales.

    • After the tides subside, you usually find cool things in the sand. Sometimes you find old coins, newer coins, jewelry, and driftwoods.
      I remember this old guy used to hit the nearshore with his metal detector and scoop. He showed me some of his loot. Most of the time he didn’t find much. Kept himself fit with all the walking though.

  4. Strange Sounds all of above is correct. Thanks .50cal always as well, and all the gangs are in this blog. We already have a lot of commonality that is where we find unity love and peace. Differences always there it can be lowered as we go forward.

      • Thanks alot Strange Sounds, We love all hard work you do, for humanity wake up. It is hard job, Since one person is harder, we all here together sharing special news and info to wake up our brothers and sister globally. It is better here is safe place and we work to make your blog the better as possible.
        Love is center of universe.

      • Thanks again indeed,, strange sounds You and your family have a safe holidays. We are all in same shoes, we want our nations not to be shariah law,A nation of love, unity, peace. Lets see who will be in Jan 20 in the white house, Joe Biden can not walk and like he is ending.Until then PR Trump is #1 .

  5. I read the link to an earlier article about the hum. Had about 30 responses/posts.

    Could be some government harrassment type noise. Could be beamed at you from a satellite probably. We live in a satanic reality, it’s not too far-fetched a notion.

    It is annoying. Wish my noisy fan didn’t break, but that’s when they are noisiest —is before they burn out. Took 4 years to burn out too.

    Once that evil 5G gets going it will probably get much worse.

  6. Sometimes people make pranks. There’s all kinds of sound freaks on meth tweedling their sound systems and contraptions to annoy the people they are paranoid about.

    We have some idiots out here that do that. It’s a dull deep bass hum, like ambient noise. Sounds like they burried a speaker under the ground at the end of their property line. Another person told me he had a psycho neighbor that did that near his property.

    Also, with some of these noises, they probably copycat behavior for the social media value.

    Not too far-fetched. Our news media manufactures stories all the time, and hoaxes.

    I need to pick up a set of AM FM radio ear gear, and put it on when I am relaxing. I had a noisy fan that blotted out most of the annoyance.

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