APOCALYPTIC sky sounds are STILL being heard WORLDWIDE (video)


I’m wondering if this is the reason why people are beginning to lose their minds. We’re surrounded by a magnetic field that is constantly putting out a constant vibrational sound. It’s just so low that we can’t hear it but I really think this could be what is causing the edgy feeling that everyone is seeming to have.

If you add that along with the other shit they’re doing with the bang in your arms along with whatever the drawings in the skies are, there’s no telling what they are doing to all of us.

Stay safe guys, stay aware and prepared and God Bless. I think the devil’s at play. We just have to search for the answers now.

If it is divine, then the answer is out there somewhere and with it being on this large of a scale, it can’t be kept a secret long.

Has anyone ever considered these sounds could be practice runs for something related to Project Blue Beam?

There’s been a lot of talk in the last year about how an “alien” invasion could be the next big threat to earth and inexplicable sounds from the sky that happen to sound very similar to sound effects from the film war of the worlds would go very well with that agenda if you ask me.. just sayin’…

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  1. Hey mate, Have you heard of Suspicious Observers on YT? He has ample evidence which keeps growing that the Earths magnetic field is tanking…there is also a pole reversal currently happening and we are due now for the next disaster cycle. He reckons things will really start to amp up soon and maybe mid 2030’s it will hit. Look at the weather and also what you say above…there’s alot more space radiation and god knows what else getting into our atmosphere now, that cant be good. Check him out. And love your site, been following for years. 🙂

  2. Some specialists assume that it is an atmospheric pressure caused by gases that come out from inside the Earth. Other reasons they argued were that they were meteorites that entered the atmosphere and whose movement caused violent events in the winds of the lower layers and that due to their heat generated the confrontation of winds, from where the sound came; others even attributed it to small earthquakes that had as a consequence that the Earth produced the roar.

    An article published by David P. Hill, scientist emeritus of the United States Geological Survey, analyzes the various causes that could be the origins of these noises, in one of the parts he seeks to compare all the aforementioned causes that may be reasons and possibilities for be the origin of the skybikes, and from this is that he managed to discard some options on the origin of the phenomenon.

    Hill concluded by ruling out some of the options that could be caused by sky bikes, mainly dismissed the idea that it is caused by strong volcanic activity, since the event has happened in areas whose volcanism has not been decisive in its territory. Another phenomenon that is not considered viable is the flight of an aircraft that can break the speed of sound, since this type of phenomenon lasts longer than that of sonic explosions.

    He also ruled out tsunamis or tsunamis, since the phenomenon has also been heard in the vicinity of deserts, which eliminates this possibility. Although on the other hand, the events that Hill manages to determine how the phenomena that are most likely to cause these sounds, focusing mainly on celestial bodies that come into contact with the atmosphere (such as the so-called bolides or meteors) that alter the stability of the lower layers Of the same.

    Despite the fact that these bodies disintegrate before impacting the Earth, the temperature change can greatly affect the temperature of the area and cause the humming effect of sky bikes.

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